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Expanded Catastrophic Medical CoverageExpanded Catastrophic Medical Coverage
for College Level Cheer Squads, Dance Teams & Mascotsfor College Level Cheer Squads, Dance Teams & Mascots
Mutual of Omaha

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Welcome, College Level Cheer Squads, Dance Teams & Mascots

Varsity Spirit LLC, including UCA, NCA, USA, UDA and NDA (Varsity), is pleased to announce the development of the Expanded Cheerleading/Dance Team Catastrophic Medical Insurance Program, which enables institutions to purchase affordable, Catastrophic Medical coverage to fill certain “gaps” in coverage.  Varsity has worked with Mutual of Omaha (current Insurer for Varsity and NCAA Catastrophic Medical policies) to make such coverage available to member institutions that participate in at least one Varsity camp or competition throughout the year. 

For more information about this program click here.

1) For more detailed information about what is and is not covered under the NCAA and Varsity Brand’s respective Catastrophic Medical Policies - click here

2) Frequently asked questions on this same topic – we need to link to here on the NCAA website - click here

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